Thursday, August 2, 2018

Stalin probably dancing in his grave.

It's weird how Stalin's plan is coming true. It's a little late, it was supposed to be a 50-year plan, but finally, technology and the American 'ingenuity' helps communism materialize.
People think I’m crazy for fricking out. I’m thinking how can you stay so non-involved? Stop the train or it’s gonna crash.
You know the way you say the Pledge to the flag in school every morning in America, we said a mantra that stated Stalin’s 5, 10, 25 and 50-year plan. The 50-year plan was for communism to take over the world. So, to me, what’s going on now, looks a lot like communism.
Because the communists were liars like Fox News, Trump, and the Republicans.
The communists created their own reality and if one didn't agree with their reality one became dead. So okay, it's not as bad. In America, one can do and say any fuckin thing. First Amendment and you're not dead unless you're black.
So I'm thinking, how weird the side effect of democracy is communism, fascism, Nazism?
Ok, I can sense you disagree, but tell me this, where's the difference?
The communists and the Republicans are both liars and power hungry, greed guides their behavior. Putin is still operating like the KGB. The communists were like the corporations and the billionaires. But I acknowledge they are benevolent billionaires too. The communists took everything. The heads of the communist party were the 1 %. In both cases, they are completely insensitive to others. Look at Ivanka Trump, she's wearing clothes costing thousands of dollars while she supports the abuse of women and children by starving them. Cutting SNAP? That was what the Russian Revolution was about, the aristocrats lived in the lap of luxury while the people were starving to death.
The weird thing was when the communists took control they were even worse than the aristocrats. Like the Republicans. brutal, greedy, power hungry and stealing everything, while lying their way through the whole thing. If you dared to oppose the communists you’re dead.  Okay, certainly I know it's not the same in America. But if we let it, it could end up being that bad.
Things are getting progressively worse since 2010 when the Tea Party took hold of Congress and the Senate. Why, because 125,000 Democrats didn’t vote. I was phone banking and was surprised to hear people tell me, 'it’s not important to vote in the midterm elections'.
I know it’s not the same, the big difference I can write this and know I’ll still live. But it can change and become a truly horrible situation if we let it. That's how things became shittier and shittier, only Republicans voted in the mid-term elections and now we have an insane government.
The communists were all illiterate, stupid. They hated the Jews, Gypsies, and gay people. Gay people were literary hung for being gay. No gay parade in Budapest. Labeling means nothing to me, there is no difference. Same mental volition. But what are the Republicans' excuse? Some are Yale graduates. So, then even educated people can be stupid. No, not stupid, ignorant. They ignore the truth. If their reality should be shattered, instead of change, they punish those who disagree. Arresting a woman because she laughs at Jeff Shession, arresting a reporter, not allowing the press in the oval office, systematic murder of black men by police, economic inequality, nothing works, bridges and roads crumbling causing accidents.  That's all results of a communist government.
Usually, countries don’t invite horror to invade them. But that’s what Trump is doing, creating horror. Why? Who knows?
The good news? A peaceful takeover. At least nobody’s dead. When I was a child I thought Russia will take over America via war, bombs flying all over, technology is preventing that.
But I have hope when I see young people stand up to stupid.