Saturday, September 6, 2014



Like if the pro lifers were for licensing parenting, I could totally get behind them.
I'm pro-choice because I believe in making my own decisions.
Stupid shit thinking is what's fucking up this country and that's only my opinion.
Not everybody is parent material.
My first loving thoughts were when the nurse laid my new born daughter in my arms:
"So helpless... this small tiny baby... I could even cut her little ears off... and what is she going to do about it?"
See if there was a test in parenting, I would have never past the test. One life saved. I believe in preventive medicine.
For those who think I actually did that no... just thought it. Zig Zag is alive and well. I named her after my favorite rolling paper. At first I was going to give her some traditional name but then I thought fuck it...let her suffer like I did, because that's what good mothers do.
I mean OK it's possible that life could begin at conception because look... from a tiny atom came this whole universe.
So fine... then let's not go around murdering people trying save headpins but protest and work toward having legislation that would legalize parenting license.
Both men and women would have to take a test to be able to become parents.
I think preventive medicine is more beneficial then then murdering people over what life choices they make.