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Hand-painted vs. digital pet portraits.

  Digital mediums or also referred to as New Medium, are just as valid as any other. However, there is a big difference between a hand-painted pet portrait and a Photoshopped image printed onto canvas. Digital pet portraits are not bad. Maybe your budget is your concern. That’s okay! But a digital version is much different from a hand-painted original art. Hours of time and energy go into a hand-painted original work and cost more than a photoshopped image. Before you order a pet portrait, know what you want. Hand-painted portraits vs. digital prints. With a highly personalized hand-painted pet portrait, you will receive a unique piece of art painted just for you. Also, a hand-painted pet portrait has quality. Digital print the colors will fade over time. Original art, specially painted with acrylic, will last a lifetime. And in closing, hand-painted art looks incredible on your wall. You can see the brush strokes on a hand-painted portrait, which is the difference between art you see

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